JIT hearing presser on Dar accuses Imran Khan of tax theft, lying in Post

Fund Minister Ishaq Dar, after an appearance before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) testing the Sharif privately-run company’s dealings abroad, hammered Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, naming him a “liar” and testing him to introduce himself for responsibility.

Dar, who tended to a public interview at the Federal Judicial Academy — where the JIT’s base camp are house — every now and again turned to individual assaults on the PTI boss, who he named a “liar”.

“How much will you lie?” he asked, tending to Khan. “You ought to be embarrassed about leading governmental issues on the premise of untruths,” he thundered.

“With what confront did you record an appeal to against Nawaz Sharif under Article 62? Take a gander at yourself first.”

“Imran Khan is a frightened man, essentially. A man who conceals his marriage. When you ask him where he wedded Jemimah Khan, he says Paris … He’s lying.”

“Imran Khan — regardless of the possibility that nobody else knows, I know,” Dar cautioned.

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